Work with Me

*2024 Update: Books are Closed*

I am not currently on taking on any more clients for 1-2-1 work for 2024. However, if you're interesting in collaboration or hiring me for a private event, please email me at 

1-2-1 Online Coaching

I help people explore layers of the mind-body to reconnect with lost parts of self, release stuck emotion, and rebuild a sense of inner safety and trust. This work involves dissolving conditioned beliefs and identities that keep us stuck, and rewiring the nervous system to step out of the past and live in the present, for a more empowering and embodied experience of life. I use a trauma-informed approach that upholds principles from polyvagal theory, internal family systems (IFS), and more. 

Freelance: Circles, Group Work, and Workshops

If you're interesting in my work and want to collaborate or hire me for a private event, please email me at

Testimonials & Reviews 

Eimear (1-2-1 Coaching)

"I would like to start off by saying, from my personal experience working with Sarah Jane as my coach... I can honestly say I would 10/10 recommend! Sarah Jane has helped me learn a lot about myself, I feel a real sense of power in my life now. I feel more connected with my body and with my thoughts - most importantly learning that some of the more negative thoughts that I looked at as motivation to 'get up and go', were actually very negative thoughts telling me I needed to 'do more' and 'move more', 'change how you look', 'eat a certain way', 'work harder' - then you will be happy and feel fulfilled... & I actually began to think they were right - I was wrong. I can now confidently say, thanks to working with Sarah Jane I feel a huge sense of empowerment and deep connection with myself. I listen to my body cues now to know when I'm hungry, or tired or sore or need time to myself. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe and think more clearly about the important things in life. I am so grateful for my body and what it does for me every day, I no longer want to change - I love myself as I am. Thank you Sarah, you are such an amazing person and anyone would be lucky to have you as their coach. I can't express to you how much I have gained from working with you."

Polly (Expressive Workshop)

“Thank you for the most wonderful and nourishing workshop, my block has officially been lifted. I'm glad I was able to create something meaningful out of something traumatic. You bring so much joy and creativity to even the most serious subjects” 

Lorraine (Expressive Workshop)

“Thanks so much for today's session. It got my creative expressive juices flowing so much, by the time we got to the immersion and transmission activity I felt like I was flying! I found this exercise particularly revealing to myself. It brought me the clarity I need at this point in my life.”