A Witch Without Honey

A Witch Without Honey (2021):

Poems on sex, misogyny, and self-love. 

My first full collection of poems published in 2021. It's sexy, angry, nourishing, raw, and vulnerable. Each chapter represents a critical part of my journey to self-love.  

A Witch Without Honey is heartfelt and humorous, with emphasis on the healing power of friendship and self-love. The poetry collection explores sexuality and self-esteem whilst addressing the harmful effects of misogyny and patriarchy. May this book bring laughter and healing into the hands of whomever finds it.

Content: This book contains strong sexual language, references of bullying, disordered eating, and sexual harassment. This book is not suitable for children.

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Reviews ★★★★★

"Honest, witty and beautiful"

Sarah Jane has a way with words that makes you want to simultaneously guzzle down each word and savour each line, as each one has been beautifully crafted to touch your soul. Her writing is humorous and witty, and her ability to envelope you in the minutia of her life with such grace and beauty is sublime. I absolutely loved her collection, and if you love poetry that touches your soul, you'll love this book too. - Jessica 

"A rare and beautiful find"

A Witch Without Honey is the most perfect soul soothing read to encapsulate the raw, honest, humorous, beautiful and healing journey of self-love. I’ve never found a collection of poetry that I’ve connected with more, and feel SO grateful to have found it. I would recommend these words to anyone starting their self-love journey – I sit eagerly waiting for her next publication! - Joy

"Couldn't put it down"

Couldn't put this book down. It is so beautifully written, that I finished it in one sitting. Each poem takes you on such a beautiful journey. Her words are so relatable. The poems will make you laugh, smile and cry. I'm already excited for her next book. - Jenny

"Hidden gem of a book"

This book truly is a masterpiece-gentle, yet provocative, soulful yet humorous. I’d recommend this book for any woman in search of self-love, female solidarity and inner strength. This poet is going to be HUGE. - Amy