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to surrender into the shadow

and shake hands with fear,

is to walk the path of freedom

and watch the soul appear 

- Sarah Jane O'Hare


My work in the Expressive Therapies started in a variety of settings including youth work, suicide prevention, mental health services, and specialised schools for autism. At the heart of the diverse people I worked with, I could see one thing in common: survival adaptations to challenging life experiences. Trauma and adverse experiences mould our nervous system, affecting how we think, feel, and respond to life.  

In my mid 20s, I took a break from working in traditional therapy spaces and started exploring other modalities of healing that called me in. Somatic Experiencing, Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Today, I pour all of this heart, soul and wisdom into my freelance work within Learning and Development. 

I help people explore layers of the mind-body to reconnect with different parts of self, release stuck emotion, and rebuild a sense of inner safety. This work involves dissolving beliefs and identities that keep us stuck, and rewiring the nervous system to step out of the past and live in the present, for a more empowered and embodied experience of life.