hi there,

You've been invited as a guest on the Soul Deep podcast!

Diving deep into the parts of ourselves where the body meets the soul. 100% real talk with feminine embodiment coach, poet and artist, Sarah Jane. Looking beneath the surface of illness and inner disharmony to receive the wisdom of the higher self, the lessons of the shadow, and the truth of the soul.

launching spring 2021

The mission is to help people join the dots between the body and the soul through sharing personal stories of struggle and breakthrough, and discussing the wisdom that changed your life #souldeepdiscussions.

You have been invited because I admire your work

and believe in the cause.


Guests on the Soul Deep podcast will be as diverse as possible, but will be working in some way that relates to raising the vibration of the planet, empowering people to make soul aligned decisions and expanding one's own potential.

how it works

  • I will send you an invite link, which will open in your preferred browser on desktop or mobile, or in the Anchor app (preferred, please download it!).

  • We'll have a little chat beforehand to get settled. We will begin the podcast with the question, 'What brings your soul to life?'

  • There is no rigid structure for the episode, rather a free flowing conversation, started with who you are and what you do. 

  • I will ask you questions organically throughout, and at some point, I will ask you to share a story of struggle you experienced, and how you found the soul in it (the light, deeper meaning, etc). 


  • The episode will last between 30-60 minutes, coming to an end intuitively, and wrapping up by sharing your social handles.

  • Optional: Recording an additional 30 minute Soul Deeper episode, to share privately with the Soul Deep mailing list.

The podcast is launching this spring, with a goal of releasing 33 episodes within the year. Number 33 is a Master Number resonating with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage. Number 33 tells us that 'all things are possible'. After this goal, the impact of the Soul Deep podcast will be evaluated, and the next step will reveal itself.

with love, Sarah Jane x