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Yoni Steaming

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

...steam my what now?

A step-by-step guide on yoni steaming including everything you need to know on womb cleansing, emotional release & fertility hygiene




1. The Sanskrit word for vagina, and also means ‘divine passage’ or ‘sacred temple’ - ain’t that the truth

2. A Sanskrit term that symbolises the Hindu goddess, Shakti, who is the representation of feminine power. Shakti is considered the divine force and the divine mother. According to Tantric texts, yoni is the source of life *claps hands*


Yoni Steam Ritual

You can find Yoni Steam Ceremonies in almost every indigenous culture, dating back thousands of years (also known as, yoni steaming, chai-yok, bajos, vaginal steaming). This includes cultures from Africa, Asia, India, the Mayan, Greece, Palau and Native American cultures.

Yoni Steaming has been a common ritual to energetically cleanse the womb space, and honour and connect with divine feminine energy. They can be utilised to restore balance and clear away stagnation.

The popularity of Yoni Steams is growing here in the West *waves hello from the UK* This ancient remedy is great for cleansing energetic history from past lovers, trauma held in the womb space, as well as many other hormonal and fertility issues.

The steam itself is known to be deeply healing as a great emotional release. Perhaps not effective immediately, it’s more like pressing the restart button on your laptop, while it decides to update it’s software in the process.

The essence of Yoni Steaming is a cleansing and relaxing of the delicate tissues of your vagina. By using organic herbs, sacred waters and steam, you can create your own at-home ritual to help clear emotional or energetic hooks.

As yoni steams are now more widely known as a powerful act for emotional and physical trauma, you can find group healing and 1-1 sessions, usually combined with massage, throughout modern culture.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, it’s really very simple! You can easily create your own ritual at home, and not have to worry about how you look squatting over a bowl of steamin’ leaves.


Everything you need to know

What is a Yoni Steam?

The use of organic herbs and sacred waters to steam one’s Yoni

i.e. vagina, divine passage, sacred temple, love tunnel, pussy, vajayjay, cherry, cream pie…

What are Yoni Steams used for?

To cleanse your love tunnel of past lovers *expelliarmus-allthepenis * and release energetic hooks / deep emotional trauma to purify the womb space and restore balance. Also used by women suffering from the following conditions:

  • PMS

  • uterine fibroids

  • cramps/painful menstruation

  • brown/dark/purple menstrual blood

  • blood clotting

  • Irregular cycles

  • Endometriosis

  • PCOS

  • uterine weakness

How do Yoni Steams work?

The moist heat opens the pores of the tissues it comes into contact with. The water vapor carries the medicinal benefits of the plants, including volatile oils. This is absorbed into the tissues and enters the bloodstream, having a direct healing effect on the reproductive system. Vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent of the entire female body.

Energetically speaking, Yoni Steams are a powerful way of sending energy back toward the original source. If abuse was involved, the ritual might include some mantra work to aid healing and a sense of setting free, feeling cleansed of the energy.

Why are herbs beneficial for steaming?

Yoni Steams bring heat to the womb. The use of specific herbs adds layers of different healing benefits, depending on the fertility-related health condition being treated. Different herbs have different healing actions. Typically, more than one herb was chosen and formulated in a blend, specific to the woman’s unique fertility needs.

You can use a single herb for a Yoni Steam, or you can make your own witchy-herbal-remedy.

By choosing a combination of herbs, the steam can work to nourish, tone, heal, bring in fresh oxygenated blood, promote cleansing, and make supple the vaginal and uterine tissues.

Traditional Herbs Used for Yoni Steam

Rosemary increases circulation to the reproductive organs, aids in clearing out of old fluids, is also antiseptic and purifying.

Lavender is one of the most relaxing herbs, calms the mind and body. Nourishing to the nervous system. Lavender is antiseptic to the vaginal tissues. It is also an antispasmodic, aiding in healthy uterine function.

Oregano is used to bring on menses. Increases scanty flow. This herb is used for its antiseptic, stimulating, and strengthening qualities. Oregano is a wonderful herb for aiding in prevention of infection.

Marigold is used to induce perspiration and cleansing of the vaginal tissues. It is also healing to wounds and aids in the healing of tight scarred tissues of the labia and perineum due to episiotomy or vaginal tear. Note: Do not steam an open wound, this could cause pain and swelling.

Rose petals are a relaxing and uplifting herb that is gentle and astringent to tissues of the genitals, great for balancing hormones, and increasing a sense of self-love.

Basil may reduce painful menstruation. Helps to bring on menstruation.


See the end of this post for the Ultimate guide on Yoni-Friendly Herbs


Yoni Steam: a Step-By-Step Guide


  • chosen herb(s)

  • water

  • large pan

  • large glass bowl

  • soft towel

  • good intentions

Tip: Usually spring waters are used, but tap water will do just fine for at home rituals. Charge your water overnight by allowing it to rest in a vase with crystals like ameythst or rose quartz.


  • Yoni steams are not recommended during menstruation.

  • In some cases, yoni steams are not advisable. These are: vaginal infection, open wounds, sores, or blisters; do not do if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant. If you have genital piercings, take them out, the heat will cause the piercing to burn you.

  • Do not use essential oils in your yoni steam bath because they may burn the delicate tissues of the genitals.

Step 1.

Gather your chosen herb(s). Organic and homegrown are best. Be generous, you want the water to be as enriched and potent as possible. I recommend all the stalks of the herbal blend that you can hold in one hand.

Step 2.

Place in a clean pan and pour in your collected spring water or charged overnight water. Heat until boiling, simmer for a few minutes. Water should change colour.

Step 3.

Transfer the water from the pan to a large clean glass bowl. Rest the bowl in a safe floor space, on a soft rug or mat, and allow to cool for several minutes.

Step 4.

Check the temperature of the rising steam with your hands to ensure it is a gentle warm heat. This is very important, let's not set fire to sacred temple, okay?

Step 5.

Cushion the edges of the bowl using a soft towel, and squat - you're ready! Relax and focus on the pleasurable sensation of gentle rising steam. Focus on your breathing and what emotions arise.

Tip: It may help visualise the steam capturing negative energy from womb space and releasing it through condensation, like water rolling down the car window. Or, you may chose to use a mantra that has great meaning for you.


I hope you enjoyed this herbal treat & feel inspired to show your sacred temple some self-care.

My advise is to really embrace the experience and share your experience with your friends. You may want to have an accountability sister too, to ensure you follow through and feel supported. Shout out to Yogi Esther for being mine! Keep reading for your ultimate guide on yoni-friendly herbs, and see what sticks out for you.

Love & Moonlight for the week ahead, be kind, be gentle, and remember to always, always

- Handle with Care


Your Ultimate Guide on Yoni-Friendly Herbs

Say Aloe to my little friend. All herbs have specific qualities that make them beneficial for health. Some herbs are drying and others are moisturising. Because herbs all have specific effects on the body, you should be very specific about which ones you choose to steam with.

Cleansing Herbs

The uterus is a self-cleaning organ. Every month the uterus grows a brand new lining, then sheds that lining (unless impregnated). Cleansing herbs support the body’s natural ability to release the old lining, fully and completely. These herbs are amazing for long, heavy or painful cycles, or someone who suffers with endometriosis or PCOS, or for someone with deep emotional trauma involving intimate relations:

  • Basil

  • Calendula

  • Milk Thistle

  • Motherwort

  • Rose

Blood Enriching Herbs

After each period your body needs to replenish the blood that was lost. Blood is rich in nutrients and blood building herbs support the body’s ability to create new blood cells, fight against infection, better your immunity and fertility health. These herbs make amazing steams that can support you from the inside out.

  • Motherwort

  • Nettles

  • Oatstraw

  • Parsley

  • Raspberry leaf

Hydrating Herbs

These herbs support the body’s ability to properly recycle fluids so that you, and your lil’ love cave, can stay hydrated. Perfect for someone with short, weak and infrequent periods, someone with self-esteem issues, or anyone wishing to increase their sense of self-love:

  • Rose (small amounts)

  • Hibiscus

  • Lemon Balm

  • Nettles

  • Oatstraw

  • Red Clover

Disinfecting Herbs

Your very beautiful womb has its own microbiome: colonies of friendly bacteria that live symbiotically. If these bacteria become unbalanced (likely stemming from poor gut-health) certain herbs have properties that help balance the microbiome.

You’ll notice that many of the disinfecting herbs are also common cooking herbs. Consuming them in a dish can help balance the microbiome in the gut as well. Disinfecting herbs also help with issues of excessive or unusual cervical fluid.

  • Lavender

  • Oregano

  • Rosemary

  • Sage

  • Thyme

Digestion Herbs

Take your vagina out for dinner? Okay, so it may seem weird to include digestive support in a Yoni Steam, but all health issues start in the gut. In Traditional Chinese Medicine these herbs are known to promote chi circulation.

Chi is your life force, your energy. Adding chi and digestion supporting herbs brings vigor and vitality to the body. These herbs are great for feeling refreshed and revitalised. Perfect for anyone starting a new beginning, newly single, or seeking an energetic clean slate.

  • Citrus peel

  • Lavender

  • Lemon Balm

  • Lemon grass

  • Mint

  • Rosemary

Uterus Strengthening Herbs

These herbs are great for signs of uterine fatigue. In Traditional Chinese Medicine these are known as chi tonors. They help to tone and strengthen the chi, or life force of the body. Perfect for anyone seeking to feel more strong, powerful and energised, new mothers, or women recovering from uterine illnesses.

  • Ashwaganda

  • Astragalus

  • Ginseng

  • Rosemary

  • Yarrow


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