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Creative Exercise for Self-Love

Creativity is like Freedom. Once you taste it, you cannot live without it. It is a transformative force, enhancing self-esteem and self-empowerment - Natalie Rogers

Creative Healing and the great work of Natalie Rogers - Listen on the Handle with Care Podcast

Creative Exercise for Self-Love

Time: 20-40 minutes

When: in the morning or just before bed

Suggestion: comfortable clothes and a nice, quiet environment

What you'll need:

  • Paper or Sketchpad

  • Drawing Media

  • Reflective Journal

Optional: calming music without vocals, candles, incense

Video Tutorial

1. Breathing Exercise/Meditation and Body Scan

Sit comfortably and focus on your breath. Once settled and the breath is steady, scan the body and breath into any body parts or emotions, or both, that you feel that are causing you pain or discomfort. Breathe into them, in whatever way this means to you. Imagine loosening them up with every exhale; whether a tight knot in a muscle or a ball of anxiety in the chest, imagine it loosening - almost like detangling a bunch of fairy-lights. Continue for as long as feels right.

2. Create an Image that represents your Discomfort

Consider about something you have a difficult time with in relation to yourself and create an image of this. Maybe you are frustrated with something about yourself, or feel disappointed or a sense of hopelessness; create an image that represents this. Use colours, shapes and lines that convey this feeling for you. Or you can use figures, symbols, whatever you like. This is abstract, there is not right or wrong, just let your hand colour the page. When you feel like you’ve come to a natural ending, stop and find a new page.

3. Response to your first image with a Second, using a Kinder Approach

Think of kindness, compassion and love. Perhaps, you will reflect the first image back, using different colours, shapes and lines that suggest the first image has been penetrated with compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and love. How can you soften and loosen up that first picture?

4. Reflect over the Process

Take a moment to observe both your Images. When ready, being writing in your reflective journal. Consider the following prompts:

  • How did it feel to create the first image?

  • How did it feel to respond to the first image, with a more compassionate one?

  • What was like to love yourself through art?

  • What came up for you during the process?

  • if you could title both these images, what would they be called?

Remember to always, always,

- Handle with Care

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