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7 Crystals for Self Care

Updated: Jan 28

May the Quartz be with You...

A Note on Self Care:

We often get so tangled in our day-to-day lives, that we leave little time for ourselves. Or, if you're anything like me, you will leave time, but you're too exhausted to utilize it. Whatever job you have or whatever lifestyle you carry, it’s all too easy to get stressed out in this current crazy world of ours; it's all too easy for time to escape and take your energy with it.

Sometimes busy means blurry, and we can lose the transition between the day's activities. Most often, this means we don’t leave any time for ourselves. But without caring for your well-being, you deplete yourself of good, real + high vibe energy. When this happens, you can become lethargic, irritable, and find physical ailments like a bad back, gas + bloating. The whirlwind around you finds its way inside, and funks with your inner peace.

Good, Real + High Vibrations:

So, what do I mean by good, real + high vibe energy?

Good Energy has good intentions, replacing the ‘need’ to finish tasks with ‘want’ so stress levels stay mellow.

Real Energy comes from proper rest + nutrition, not tinned in a sugar-filled energy drink or 7 cups of coffee.

High Vibe Energy has, well, a high vibration! A naturally high state is a feeling of joy when your actions + beliefs are aligned, and the pieces of your life have integrity + love at it's core.

Vibe with Me:

Everything is energy, vibrating at a specific rate.‘Higher’ energies vibrate have a higher frequency that feel light, while ‘lower’ energies have a slower frequency that makes it heavier and more dense. The key things that influence the frequency of our energy is: our emotional frame of mind (your thoughts + intentions), the foods we eat, the people we spend our time with + lifestyles.

But how do I raise my vibration? I hear you ask...

Higher Energy Foods are an obvious solution, like organic veg + live foods, but it goes beyond that. What we think + feel are just as important (if not more so). Vibrational Therapy can help with this side to life. Of course, what’s ‘right’ for you will depend on your own life circumstances and your own unique body. Because your own body’s needs can change daily, there is (like most things) a need for Intuition.

Rock On:

Crystals are here for when you need a little extra help with self care and achieving that good, real + high vibe energy.

While many crystals can boost self care practices, I've chosen 7 super powerful, beautiful, and easy-to-find crystals that anyone can get their hands on.

Keep your third-eye peeled folks, look at this list + find the shine that speak to you.

Keep Calm and Hold a Crystal

7 Crystals for Self Care

1. Rose Quartz

...of quartz this guy made the list!

Crystals to enhance Self Care? Rose Quartz immediately jumps to mind. It's no wonder this crystal considered the ‘love stone’, helping to promote love in all areas of life. This includes love from friends, family, + romantic partners, stirring from that ever so important place of self love. Rose quartz helps increase feelings of self worth + self acceptance; a much-needed dose of love when we're feeling low.

Indeed, the meaning of Rose Quartz stone is unconditional love. It facilitates love entering your life and brings a greater understanding with it. Helping you to: forgive + understand, see new perspectives, the healing properties of this stone will imbue you with the wisdom to deepen your connection with yourself + everyone around you.

Rose Quartz provides a gentle energy that helps you feel a deep sense of compassion, meaning it garners a deep forgiveness + understanding from yourself. Associated with the element of water, the healing properties of this stone are naturally fluid. They wash out toxic energies + emotions that you've accumulated over time.

You owe yourself the love you so freely give to others

Chakra: Heart

Other benefits:

  • Eases symptoms of anxiety + depression

  • Healing from heartbreak

  • Improve body circulation

  • Connection with your Intuition

  • Cultivates body positivity

  • Building Trust within Relationships

  • Finding Inner-Peace

2. Selenite

Named after the Greek goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon (obvi one of my favourite crystals...) Selenite embodies a super high vibration that works to help bring light down from the higher realms into the physical body, for true personal transformation.

Almost a rule of thumb, white or transparent crystals tend to have a strong vibration known to open the Crown Chakra. This means help for you to tap into the Divine Mind + access the Angelic realm.

Or, if that sounds all too esoteric for you, in other words: Clear crystals like Selenite find mental clarity.

Selenite can cleanse the aura of negative energy build up (both within the physical and the etheric body). Because Selenite crystals carry such a high vibration, they can move your spiritual growth forward quickly.

If your head is noisy + the challenges of life are funking with your sense of peace and quiet, consider Selenite your best friend. It’s also a good for protection, from negative influences, thoughts + perceptions.

In this way, Selenite has a wonderfully grounding quality that helps you stay present by drawing your attention into the here + now. If you find that you are easily distracted,

Chakra: Crown

Other benefits:

  • Improve concentration, focus on just one thing at a time

  • Helps anxiety

  • Clears mental fog

  • Enhances psychic insights, visions + epiphanies

  • Aids peace during meditation

  • Helps recognise synchronicity in life

  • Builds interpersonal trust, with yourself + your life

  • Activating skills + abilities from past lives

  • Trust in the timing of your life

3. Lapis Lazuli

Thought to be one of the beautiful + moving shades of blue in the world since ancient times, lapis lazuli is a stone that seeks truth + honesty in both the mental + spiritual self. Lapis encourages honesty of the spirit, and in the spoken + written word.

This is a stone of wisdom, encouraging you to seek knowledge + learning for whatever it is you’re passionate about. In this way, it's good for creating self-awareness + understanding, to help bring harmony into your life.

If you’re feeling lost or confused, Lapis can help you find good judgment + make decisions for the practical world. It’s a problem-solving stone, and with problems solved, comes new ideas.

Lapis is typically known to help higher learning students, entrepreneurs, inventors + writers. People in the creative or public performance-related area, people seeking career development, and people who with communication conditions like dyslexia (Amen!), asperger's syndrome, autism, and more.

I love to use Lapis when writing poetry for performing spoken word.

Chakra: Throat

Other Benefits:

  • Good for panic + dizzy spells

  • Activating the higher mind

  • Enhancing intellectual ability

  • Improving memory

  • Deep, honest + effective communication

  • Relieving symptoms of migraine + headaches

  • Relieving symptoms of social anxiety

4. Amethyst

Did someone say Om?

Peace, insight + calmness: Meet Amethyst. A favourited crystal by many, and for good reason. Amethyst is beautiful, found in many corners of the world, its properties are important for everyone. Amethyst promotes healing, and we all need healing in some way or another.

Known for optimising a sense of calm + dispelling negativity, Amethyst also promotes protection + purification in body, mind + spirit. Truly the master crystal of spirituality!

Not only that, Amethyst relieves physical, emotional + psychological pain and stress. A beautiful combination of healing + calming. Because Amethyst assists the transmission of neural signals through the brain, it's been known to relieve OCD + hyperactivity.

It’s no wonder this dreamy, lavender coloured, twilight-like crystal can help sleep. Amethyst can bring peace, insight, calmness + stillness into the night, a great help for insomnia sufferers + folk who can’t count sheep.

Tip: try placing a piece under your mattress/pillow, or rubbing the center of your forehead counter-clockwise to cure insomnia and stimulate pleasant dreams.

Amethyst is connected to the Temperance card in the tarot, representing balance. It is a stone dedicated to curbing overindulgence + bad habits, (thinking of quitting smoking?!)

I continue to use Amethyst to help my recovery of eating disorders: Orthorexia, Bulimia, + Binge-Eating-Disorder. Right now, I wear this crystal in my navel piercing, much more than just a gorgeous belly-button ring!

Chakra: Crown, Third-Eye

Other Benefits:

  • Relieves symptoms of anxiety + depression

  • A very sobering stone, good for all forms of addiction

  • Enhances healing for people who have, or are recovering from, serious illness

  • Deepens soul-connection within relationships

  • Enhances meditation

  • Calms anger + rage

  • Increases spiritual growth

  • Aids the nervous system

  • Develops dream interpretation

  • Eases headaches

5. Green Aventurine

You're in luck... The self care properties of Green Aventurine have a lot to do with its reputation as the ‘stone of opportunity’ that can bring prosperity in many areas of life.

Because this stone can help stabilise one’s state of mind, it can unearth new perceptions + enhance creativity. This means seeing new alternatives + possibilities, making Green Aventurine great for good luck in new beginnings.

Green Aventurine properties are strongly linked with the Solar Plexus Chakra, making it a powerful gem for calming negative emotions that can get stuck in the gut.

You know that sinking feeling? We all do… It also helps with that feeling of 'Rage in the belly', think: Britney 2007. Y’all can get through it, with a little help from Green Aventurine!

This stone goes well with a cosy blanket + chamomile tea; it’s a comforter + heart healer in one. It helps balance your body’s pH levels, settles nausea + dissolves negative emotions + thoughts.

I mean, just looking at this beautifully, healing, soothing colour of green is enough to make you feel zen for ten.

It brings well-being + emotional calm; a good all-round healer, especially when it comes to diet, choosing to eat healthy foods, and improve that good, real + high vibe energy we talked about in the intro!

I always have a piece of this crystal around when I’m baking! Food made with love - a post coming to a blog near you!

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart

Other Benefits:

  • Helps develop patience

  • Increasing fertility

  • Promotes general feelings of well-being

  • Balances male-female energy

  • Protects against environmental pollution

  • Can have anti-inflammatory effect, eases skin eruptions + allergies

  • Helps breathing, heals lungs, sinuses, heart, + muscular systems

  • Blocks out interference from electronic equipment.

6. Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is great for providing motivation when you need it most; it's helps squash self-doubts + fear you may experience in demanding situations.

Tiger’s Eye helps you escape your comfort-zone, in order to grow + challenge your creative talents, physical abilities, or simply just try something new. It’s a support stone: the perfect lil’ pocket pebble to have during exams, competitions, public performances, or for presenting new ideas at an important meeting.

As a stone of luck + good fortune, Tiger’s Eye can attract a nice steady flow of income to a home. Ideal for entrepreneurs or anyone struggling to budget; it can help build the skills + knowledge for career development.

Tiger’s Eye can increase insight + perception in unfamiliar places or circumstances, making it good for protection against the negative intentions of others. Tiger’s Eye sharpens the senses, helping you to pay attention to the details - think like a tiger.

It reflects an overview of situations when things are happening too fast; it helps see the bigger picture. Draw on Tiger’s Eye to boost willpower, emotional stability + energy levels when working through lifestyle changes + health improvement routines.

It reduces cravings for the wrong kind of foods + behaviours (a good friend of amethyst!). It’s a very, ‘you do you’ kinda crystal, making it super good for dissolving feelings of isolation or inadequacy, helps people who struggle to be alone, or schedule 'me-time' into your week.

Chakra: Base, Sacral + Solar Plexus (Lower Chakras)

Other Benefits:

  • Promotes work-life balance

  • Soothing tensions in families + relationships

  • Promotes harmony between people with diverse viewpoints

  • Boosts perseverance during difficult negotiations

  • Helps resolves crisis

  • Aids quick thinking

  • Better judgement in general

  • Helps evaluate actions + outcomes

  • Boosts fertility

  • Relieves symptoms of SAD + depression

7. Yellow Calcite

… I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good soul in my feet … No - it’s not Justin Tiberlake, it’s Yellow Calcite!

Yellow Calcite is associated with the solar plexus, self confidence + hope.

If you’re needing a 'lil’ injection of sunshine, feeling-fine, optimism + body-posi-vibes, find yourself some yellow delight - I mean - calcite!

It truly is a stone of healing + balance; it offers a joyful self-awareness. Yellow Calcite helps you remember your own beauty, inner + outer of the body.

This is one of my favourite-of-all-time crystals, because it's most effective at clearing out old energy patterns. As someone in recovery of both PTSD + multiple eating disorders, this wee gem was made for me; and anyone else who suffers with bad habits + anxiety disorders.

It is a powerful energy cleanser + amplifier. The energy of Calcite purifies + cleans out negative energy from pretty much anywhere, including within you.

Basically, Calcite really gets things moving. As one of the best clearing/cleansing stones, it fizzes away that which is not wanted or needed. Clearing away stagnation from the Solar Plexus area, it helps organs such as the liver and kidneys. This helps with skin + intestinal complaints such as hormonal breakouts + IBS.

Often called ‘the great eliminator’ - this stone also helps to pacify anger management issues, by helping people to open up and feel universal love + compassion.

Yellow calcite has a very strong connection to the solar plexus – the chakra that’s mostly considered the source of our ego’s contentment + self-fulfillment. So, this stone keeps our ego in check, reminds us of our human nature, and keeps us kind + humble.

Yellow Calcite increases personal motivation + drive. This ray of sunshine pierces right through accumulated self doubt, giving you the opportunity for a clean emotional slate.

Also known as a type of mind stone, it heightens mental discernment + analysis, increases memory, and the ability to learn quickly + efficiently. Great to have nearby when studying, during an interview, or starting a new job.

In a nutshell, Yellow Calcite withdraws the energetic debris within you + replaces it with a pure, warm, compassionate light, called Joy!

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Other Benefits:

  • Improves clarity of thought + purpose

  • Detoxifying the body

  • Improves the immune system

  • Stimulates the metabolism

  • Encourages stability + self-trust

  • Helps transform ideas into actions

  • Assist in hormonal imbalances

  • Improves mood

  • Enhances body-positivity

Now, let’s get Crystal Clear -

Crystals are so subjective, so they don’t always work the same way for everyone. Likewise, sometimes you don’t pick the crystal, the crystal picks you!

Which one of these crystals were you drawn to the most? Which one spoke to you? Which one is still speaking to you?! Keep the conversation going...

Comment, Email, DM… if any of these crystals happen to pop up into your life, I’d love to hear about it! Tag me in your Crystal posts, raise the vibes, and remember to always, always

- Handle with Care

A helpful website:

One of my favourite websites for crystal-musing + finding information is Energy Muse. It’s a crystal jewelry company that include descriptions, history, uses + meditations for each of their crystals/products. *holds all my crystals* - If you’re reading this Energy Muse, please sponsor me!

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