Creative Healing Coach

 Sarah Jane 

An artist, poet and creative healing coach based in the UK. The expressive arts radically transformed Sarah Jane's life, helping her connect deeply with her inner child, unpack trauma and debunk limiting beliefs. Through this, she has changed her narratives around life with chronic illness, self-worth, and experiences of trauma, including rape, sexual assault, childhood bullying, family trauma, grief and loss. She works with a sacred connection to her feminine and seeks to empower people to use creativity as a tool for self-discovery and emotional freedom. 

Creative Healing uses the expressive arts to facilitate emotional release and heal from experiences of trauma, illness and inner conflict. Sarah Jane uses visual art, movement, expressive writing, poetry, sound, dance, and drama to foster emotional healing, resolve inner conflict, and awaken creative power. The creative process enhances one’s ability to know themselves, authentically relate, cultivate deeper relationships and enrich their experience of life overall. The expressive arts communicate in ways that language cannot, and remind each of us of our innate creative power to shape our minds and reality. 


Sarah Jane uses an intuitive holistic and feminine approach to coaching that involves mindfulness and old Celtic practices. She works with the feminine energy within each of her clients, to reconnect with one's inner child, translate emotions through the arts, and harness the creative power within.

She offers intimate one-to-one sessions and group packages for a diversity of client groups, including youth, victims of abuse, personal development clients, rising creatives and arts professionals. She has several awards of Academic Excellence and was graded in the top 10% of the UK's arts psychotherapy graduates in 2017. She dedicates much of her work to her late father Gerry, who committed suicide in 2012 and pushed her into a journey of creative healing discovery.

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