What is Creative Healing?

Creative Healing uses the expressive arts to foster a deep emotional release and heal from experiences of trauma, illness and inner conflict. Sarah Jane uses visual art, expressive writing, poetry, sound, dance, movement, breathwork and drama to explore oneself, strong emotions and the psyche.


Using the expressive arts for emotional healing and inner resolution will awaken individual creativity; enhancing one’s ability to know themselves, express authentically, cultivate deeper relationships and enrich their experience of life overall.

The expressive arts communicate in ways that language cannot, and remind each of us of our innate creative power; the power we have to create change in our mind, body and life reality. 


Our ancestors knew that dance, song, art and storytelling were all part of the same process: being creatively human. Creativity is your birthright, and it's an innate tool within each of us for emotional freedom, we just need the right conditions and facilitation.  

Our ancestors used the arts to form connections with each other, with oneself, and with the natural world. The movement based arts help release trapped negative energy and emotions stored in our bodies, and the visual arts bring forth imagery and metaphor to work with, to understand and interpret our experiences. Lastly, the written and spoken arts like storytelling and poetry help us rewrite our narratives and create change in our experience of life. 

The Creative Process

Natalie Rogers brought forth the Expressive Arts as a marriage between the philosophy of psychotherapy and creativity, presenting a statement about the connectedness of one art form to another: the Creative Connection Process. This process is what Sarah Jane bases much of her work from, to facilitate opportunities for self-discovery and psychological healing. The creative process is about discovering the depths of ourselves by embodying our emotions through the arts. It is not creating the perfect oil painting or dancing in rhythm, it is messy, expressive, emotional and unlimited. 


By transforming our inner world into outer forms, we alter our state of being. Creative healing is not concerned about the beauty of the visual art, the grammar or style of writing, or the harmonic flow of a song; we use creativity to let go, express and release, so we can gain insight into ourselves. The art we create speaks back to us, and if we take the time to truly witness our expression, we can find deep seated meaning.

This process creates a new language for one to discover, explore and experience unknown aspects of self. It can be an emotional journey, but the expressive arts nurture one to see beyond their problems and take action in their life for positive change. The creative process is healing and can be profoundly transformative. All individuals have an innate ability to be creative. Self-awareness, understanding and insight are achieved through delving into our emotions. Our feelings and emotions are an energy source, that can be channelled into the expressive arts, to be released and transformed. 

‘The feelings of grief, anger, pain, fear, joy and ecstasy are a tunnel through which we must pass to the other side: to self-awareness, understanding and wholeness’ - Natalie Rogers

Femme Focus

Reconnecting with the sacred wild feminine energy is the key to harnessing the creative power that exists within us all, regardless of gender identity. This energy is naturally creative, watery, free flowing, curious, vulnerable and sensual, and it has been oppressed by patriarchal societies for too long. This over masculine dictation has caused no end of problems, particularly for shaming anything that represents the feminine, including deep emotional work and authentic self expression.


Sarah Jane uses creative tools to foster a connection with one's inner child, remind one of their self-worth, unpack trauma and debunk limiting beliefs. Through this, one can change their narratives around experiences of trauma and illness, and nurture an intimate connection oneself from a place of self-love and acceptance. 

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