Creative Coaching

with Sarah Jane

Resistance is the number one block to creativity. Breaking through resistance as an artist, creative or writer will help you break through resistance in other areas of life. We have a fear of the unknown, but the unknown is where creativity lives.


I've worked with the Expressive Arts for 6 years, facilitating all kinds of groups from art therapy clients, university students, children with autism, working artists and more. I help you reconnect with that part of yourself where creativity flows effortlessly and fully own your unique creative expression. 


“Thanks so much for today's session. It got my writing juices flowing so much, by the time we got to the immersion and transmission activity I felt like I was flying! I found this exercise particularly revealing to myself. It brought me the clarity I need at this point in my life.” 


—  Lorraine

1:1 Creativity Workshop

60-90 min session


1 off workshop tailored completely to you, to help you break through creative blocks and expand in your creative work. Great for writers, poets and artists feeling stuck within a project. We discuss your current situation in advance to tailor make a workshop just for your needs and desired outcome.


The Creative Connection

3 x 60-90 min sessions


3 sessions spread over the course of 6-8 weeks to help you reconnect with that part of yourself where creativity flows effortlessly. Perfect for new artists and writers seeking to find and own their authentic creative expression. In these session, we work with concepts of truth, play, and storytelling.  


The Wild Creative

6 x 60-90 min sessions


6 sessions spread over the course of 3 months. Designed to really harness your inner creative fire and make positive long lasting changes. Throughout our time together, we will work to break down self-limiting patterns blocking your creative expression, and work achieve your creative goals.