Online Open Mic on the third Wednesday of every month. Celebrating authentic self expression, LGBTQIA and disabled narratives, and the important stories of our time. Offering expressive writing and poetry workshops, creative courses, online events and more.



Sarah Jane

Expressive Arts Facilitator, Embodiment Coach, Artist 

and Poet.


Nancy Dawkins

Musician, Artist,Writer, and Poet.

Nancy and Sarah Jane founded Creation Poetry in April 2020. With their success over the year, Creation Poetry featured many great UK artists, received a spotlight interview on BBC Radio and collaborated with Folklore Publishing in London. In March 2021, they collaborated with SheFest, Cultural eXchanges Festival and launched their first 6 week writing course. Creation Poetry's first Anthology, Excuse Me, will launching later this year. A collection of poems from new writers celebrating authentic self expression and personal stories of struggle and empowerment.

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