coaching packages

I provide a safe space for you to explore your inner world and somatically unburden from repressed emotions. My goal is help you reconnect with your integrity and innate wisdom, to create more freedom in your body and life. I use a trauma-informed approach that contains principles from Polyvagal Theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Expressive Arts Therapy.

◐ Anger Work ◑ Shadow Work ◉ Embodiment

As your coach, I promise to:


  • hold a sacred space that honours your whole self, to witness you fully and reflect truthfully

  • guide you through emotional release, somatic processing, and embodiment practices

  • lovingly help you through any discomfort without force or pressure


  • to walk alongside you, on your journey of transformation, every step of the way

I am the coach for you, if you seek to:

  • truly get in touch with your inner world and relinquish shame, guilt, and anxiety  

  • unpack repressed emotions and reconnect with your integrity, power, and innate wisdom

  • develop an embodiment practice to serve you in always making empowered decisions​​

  • live a more free and expansive life, with honour and trust for your body

3 months

3 months


6 sessions. Ideal for someone experiencing inner conflict, indecision, and general anxiety.


6 months

6 months


12 sessions. Ideal for someone seeking to relinquish shame and guilt, and integrate their most powerful, authentic self.


1 year


24 sessions. Ideal for someone seeking a deep dive into the depths of their inner world, the shadow, the feminine, the masculine, and other parts; to create long lasting change and live a more free and expansive life.