Are you ready to rediscover yourself, reclaim your creative power, and resolve your inner conflicts? 

Most of us have tried to be creative in an unsafe environment, where we have been shamed, judged or harshly criticised. Raw, unpolished and unfiltered creativity, like all other expressions of the feminine, has been oppressed by patriarchal societies and caused no end of problems.


This has left a deep creativity wound within us, along with a strong inner critic, stealing our innate power to explore and express the parts of ourselves that the logical mind cannot. While our inner critic speaks for many beneficial reasons, helping us make healthy life decisions, approach projects effectively and thrive for performance; the inner critic is not useful when it seeks to shame, embarrass or endorse a sense of fear to being creative; being witnessed and vulnerable in our expression.

Creativity is not only a tool we can use for healing and growth, but also for pleasure. Society has taken enough from us, it’s time to reclaim our creative power and step into our higher selves; to enrich our experience of life so that we can show up confidently and take ownership over our unique life expression.  

Your vulnerability is your path to freedom.


You have a right, as well as a need, to explore your innate creative power, expand into your creative potential and create a pleasurable, enriched experience of life; with more emotional freedom, deeper relationships and greater self-understanding. 

I am the coach for you, if you seek to:


  • Truly get in touch with your emotions and connect deeply to yourself

  • Integrate all aspects of self: the body, the mind, emotions and spirit

  • Unpack traumas and release negative energy and bound up emotions 

  • Gain insight and clarity through a creative journey of self discovery 

  • Solve problems, inner conflicts and explore unconscious material

  • Develop a practice of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-love

  • Deepen and enrich your intimate connections and relationships

  • Step beyond the limitations of western, medical and talk therapies

  • Discover intuitive, mythological and spiritual dimensions to self 

  • Add creative tools in your self-care and self-develop practice for life

As your creative healing coach, I promise to: 

  • Nurture an authentic coaching relationship, with non-judgmental, empathetic, open, honest, and trustworthy depth of connection

  • Create and uphold a safe space for you to explore your emotions, traumas and inner-self through the arts

  • Intuitively guide you through emotional release and help you legitimise your insights, make sense of your experience and find meaning

  • To encourage and motivate you during your creative journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and emotional freedom

  • To remind you of your innate creative power, reacquaint you with your inner child and debunk limiting beliefs 

  • To walk along with you, on your journey of creative healing and personal growth, every step of the way


Accepting Clients 2021

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Creative Healing


with Sarah Jane

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