1-2-1 Coaching

with Sarah Jane

Update August 2021 
I am not currently taking on Clients, but feel free to drop me an email if you're interested in coaching in the future sarahjanespeaking@gmail.com

I do not promise to transform your life, solve all your problems, and heal all your trauma. Only you have the power to do that, no wisdom is outside of yourself. My role is to listen, hold up a mirror, and illuminate the dark parts so that you can see the path clearer. I will be your guide back home, to reconnect you with your body, hear the whispers of your soul and let go of false limiting beliefs.

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Most of us have tried to express ourselves in an unsafe environment, where we have been shamed, judged or harshly criticised. This has left a deep connective wound within us, shifting the voice of the inner critic above our truth, clouding our sense of sovereignty and willingness​ to explore the darker parts of ourselves. ​

You have a right, as well as a need, to be witnessed and vulnerable in your expression. To talk about how you feel without the fear of ‘being cancelled’ shamed or dismissed; to reconnect with your body, hear the wisdom of the soul, and let go of false limiting beliefs. All the answers, permission and guidance you need is already within, I’m simply here to reacquaint you with your true self. 

As your coach, I promise to:


  • hold space with non-judgement, acceptance, a loving essence and witness you fully

  • invite you to explore your feelings and inner-self without force or pressure

  • intuitively guide you through emotional release and embodiment practices

  • discuss the grey areas of life to help you find meaning and guidance in your experience

  • to walk along with you, on your journey of transformation, every step of the way

I am the coach for you, if you seek to:

  • truly get in touch with your feelings and work through deep rooted patterns

  • learn to tap into your body's wisdom

  • unpack trauma, release suppressed feelings and let go of false limiting beliefs

  • develop a higher self-care practice to serve you in always making empowered decisions​​

  • share a vision for growth, with genuine connection, compassion and care

5 Weeks

60-90 min sessions


5 sessions. Facilitated within a safe space to be witnessed, accepted, and invited to dive deeper into your experience of life. We will use surrendering techniques for emotional release and embodiment, working to strengthen the connection with your body and let go of self limiting narratives. Ideal for someone experiencing inner conflict, seeking emotional release and mental clarity. You may choose to book sessions weekly or bi-weekly, and it is recommended to complete all 5 in under 3 months. 


3 Months

60-90 min sessions


10 sessions. Dive deep into your emotional body, unravel self-limiting narratives and make more empowered decisions. Within these sessions, you will be be witnessed, accepted and held. Together we will unearth deep rooted negative patterns and reconnect with the body's wisdom. We will use emotional release and embodiment practices to help remove energetic blocks and feel our way through suppressed emotions. More than enough time to reprogram limiting belief systems for good, harness your inner creative fire, and make positive long lasting changes.


6 Months

60-90 min sessions


15 sessions. A longer course of weekly sessions for those seeking a true mentor, to dive deeper into soul work, embodiment, emotional release, and ignite your creative power. This package is designed to take you on a journey through your shadow self, to your higher self, and meet the soul in the middle. Ideal for someone seeking deep emotional release, healing from experiences of trauma, illness and inner conflict, and creating long lasting positive change. Together, we will use creative tools, embodiment practices and emotional release techniques to help heal your relationship with your inner child, feminine /masculine wounds, and with yourself; to truly come home to yourself and live a more empowered life.